How Can I Make My Car Last (Nearly) Forever?

Does your car have a problem?

Are you unable to identify the issue?

Hopefully we have the solution that can make your car last (nearly) forever.

Know Your Car and Get it to Last Nearly Forever

These days, most drivers and car owners are unaware of the many different parts that make up their car.

Consequently, being unable to properly manage these parts is leading to more and more car’s not going the distance.


In every vehicle, there is an engine computer.

This part has historically taken on multiple names, such as powertrain control module, engine control unit, and engine control module.

Significantly, this component of the car takes the cake for most valuable part of a vehicle. That’s because an engine computer controls nearly the entire vehicle.

And there is no car on the road today that would be able to function without it.

The engine computer serves as the brain to the car, controlling a lot of its functions and monitoring its performance. (Check out the Difference Between ECU & PCM here)

The Important Role of the Engine Control Units and it’s Wonders

The engine control unit does wonders for a car.

This single part is responsible for monitoring horsepower, torque, carbon dioxide being exhausted, idle speed, and ignition timing.

It is impressive how a little computer chip can handle the functions for so many different components – and we’re not even finished with its workload.

Around the vehicle there are a myriad of sensors that take measurements for the driver’s reference. These sensors include, but are not limited to, oxygen, air pressure, air temperature, engine temperature, throttle position, and knock sensors.

All of these sensors bring a lot of value to the car and give the driver a good idea of what is going on inside their vehicle.

Specifically the air temperature sensor lets the driver know how much fuel is left in the car, by sensing how much air is in the gas tank compared to gas.

In conclusion, this computer has a heavy workload, and it is vital to be able to properly monitor it. 


The Secret to Have Enjoyable Driving Experiences

Can you remember the exhilaration you felt getting behind the wheel of your car for the first time?

When you upgrade your current engine computer to a refurbished model, it will make your car drive like when you first got it.

Similar to regular computers, engine computers need to be updated and/or upgraded because of constantly evolving technology.

For instance, most current ECU’s need more RAM technology in order to make a car faster and more responsive.

Furthermore, the hard drives in an engine computer fill up quickly. It’s important to be aware of this so you don’t have to be constantly deleting items.

With an upgraded ECU, the fuel to air ratio in the gas tank will be a lot more precise.

This will require you to “fuel up less frequently”.

Overall, “your car will become faster” by becoming more responsive to the throttle; this is caused by the extra horsepower and torque.

If you’ve asked yourself, how can I make my car last for a lot longer than it was suppose to, then you should upgrade your car by purchasing a refurbished engine computer from Solo PCMS today! 

Thankfully, buying and installing a refurbished engine computer is not a costly process (Up to 50% in Savings) – if you choose to buy from Solo PCMS. 

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