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The Fascinating Truth about The Life Cycle Of A Car

If you’re like a lot of people, you love your car.

Although, the feeling of driving a brand new car is thrilling and exhilarating – there’s nothing like getting behind the wheel of a car that you love and cherish and have driven for years.

Because like with any new toy, before long, the novelty fades.

Furthermore, over time, your brand new car will inevitably begin to show signs of wear and tear.

What is the Life Cycle of Your Automobile Look Like?

Just like us, cars have a lifecycle, which starts well before the first time you drove it, and ends well after the last.


Here’s the fascinating truth about cars:

The lifecycle of a car begins and ends in a factory.

During the manufacturing phase, countless materials are used to make many different parts.

Metal is needed for the body of the vehicle, plastic is used in the interior and parts of the body, glass is needed for the windows, and cloth and leather are used to upholster the interior.

Although it depends on the manufacturer, typically a quarter of a vehicle is composed of recycled parts.

All of these recycled and raw materials enter into the manufacturing facility, and finished vehicles are produced, packaged and distributed to dealerships.

The average car will go through three to five owners in its lifetime, and typically have a useful lifespan of 13 years or 165,000-200,000 miles before it is scrapped.

Eventually, after it’s been driven for the entirety of its useful life, every car will break down for a final time. But that is not the end of its usefulness.

What Happen During Your Automobile’s Retirement?

Let me explain.

Once retired, a car is sent to a recycling plant to be broken down and repurposed.

Although some parts, such as the seats, are unusable – nearly 75% of a car can be recycled.

First, the tires are removed, and the oil, gas, and other fluids are drained, and sent to a separate processing plant to be repurposed.

Next, the car is crushed into a more compact unit.

The metal, plastic, and glass components are melted down and turned back into usable materials.

Approximately “10 million vehicles are recycled annually”, making cars the number one most recycled product in the United States!


After the vehicle has been through a recycling plant and all of its usable parts have been salvaged or melted down, the recycled parts and materials are sent to manufacturing plants.

The materials are then used to make new cars, which drive until the end of their useful life, are sent to recycling plants, broken down, and turned back into cars, and the cycle continues.

So, the time that you own your car encompasses only one small fraction of it’s lifecycle.

If you think about it, some of the parts from your car will likely still be on the road long after you’ve taken it for its last spin!

How Do I Know My Car Has Reached the End of its Useful Life?

It is not uncommon for a car owner to mistakenly think their vehicle has reached the end of its useful life.

Here’s the secret to extending the life of your car:

One problem that can consistently go undiagnosed is a faulty engine computer, which can lead car owners to conclude falsely that their car is dead.

The engine computer is one of the most important components of a vehicle’s inner workings, as it controls all of the car’s electronics.

Consequently, a faulty engine computer can cause difficulty starting, random drops in fuel economy, transmission issues, and countless other problems while driving.

First: Tell Your Mechanic to Check the Engine Computer

If you cannot start your car, or are experiencing mysterious inexplicable issues, take it into a mechanic for an engine computer diagnostic before you pronounce your car dead.

If your mechanic concludes that your issues do in fact stem from a faulty engine computer, you should purchase a refurbished one from SoloPCMS!

For many years, SoloPCMS has had the largest and most trusted selection of PCMS engine computers, at a fraction of the price offered at the dealership or an auto parts store.

Furthermore, installing your new engine computer yourself can be done quickly and easily, eliminating the need for a costly professional installation.

Visit today and get your car back out on the road!

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