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Pay 50% Less To Fix Your Dodge or Chrysler PCM

Don’t get cranky when your Dodge or Chrysler car won’t start.

If you know what to fix and how to fix it, you will be back on the road in no time.

when your car won’t start

The Facts about Dodge and Chrysler Vehicle’s PCMs

According to a news report by Tire Business, an award winning newspaper for independent tire dealers that has published since 1983, there’s a PCM problem with certain Dodge and Chrysler models that necessitates reprogramming.

The company’s own, Jim Depalma, reports that “Some 2008 Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 models with 5.7-liter V8 engines may take a long time to start, especially when cold.

Chrysler says if the ignition and fuel systems are operating properly, the check engine light is off and there are no trouble codes stored in computer memory, chances are the crank synchronization algorithm in the PCM is causing the starting difficulties.

Reprogramming the module with updated software is the only reliable fix. Check with a dealer for the specifics of the flash.”

Here at Solo Auto Electronics, this is exactly what we specialize in. And we do so at up to 50% less than dealerships charge for the same service.

search PCM ECM

Unfortunately, when a Dodge or Chrysler PCM fails, your car goes haywire.

The Importance of Your Chrysler or Dodge PCM

That’s because this small engine computer controls various aspects of your car, truck, or van’s mechanical function via software that reads sensors and creates commands for ignition timing, ABS braking systems, fuel to air mix ratios, and idle speed, among others.

In addition, when the computer breaks or malfunctions, it will improperly read signals, and also send bad messages.

This could cause your vehicle to turn off while you’re driving it, have difficulties starting, and even brake or shift gears improperly.

Some of the effects of the Dodge or Chrysler auto computer include:

  • 1.Regulating the spark that starts your engine.
  • 2.Controlling the mix of fuel and air that control your fuel injection system.
  • 3.Determining the most efficient idle speed for your motor based on fuel efficiency variables.

It’s obvious that in our much heralded information age, auto computers are probably the most important component in your vehicle.

A bad PCM can have many unintended consequences.

That is why it is extremely important to keep the part healthy whether by repair, replacement, or regular service.


How to Save up to 50% Fixing Your PCM

We can flash, re-flash, program, re-program, fix, and even update your Dodge auto-computer with the latest firmware.

All of these services provide for the maximum optimized vehicle efficiency and we are glad to help you achieve it.

Oh yeah, by the way, we also offer up to 50% savings over the same service provided by a dealer.

This is what has made Solo Auto Electronics industry leaders since 2003.

When you need service with a smile, we are here to field any and all inquiries by phone, email, or even live chat through our website.

As Easy as Plug and Play

In fact, we can help you with any questions regarding how to install your new PCM yourself as easy as plug and play.

With a lifetime warranty, an in-house team of highly qualified tech and computer engineering personnel, and a total commitment to customer satisfaction, it is safe to say we are the best company doing this.



Solo PCMS is a national provider and repair center for PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM, and TCU auto computers.
14361 SW 120th Street Unit 106
Miami, FL, 33186, United States

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