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Plymouth PCM

Do you own a Plymouth car, suv, van, and or truck that recently started giving trouble with not starting, stalling while driving, rough idle and many other issues? If you've tried replacing your battery, had the ecu checked, and may other troubleshooting techniques and still your car won't work properly? Chances are you need to replace some of your car's, trucks's and or van's auto computers. Here at Solo Automotive Electronics, we rebuild/remanufacture many auto computer parts. We feature Breeze PCM, Laser PCM, Neon PCM, and Voyager PCMThe most popular part we rebuild/reflash are the Plymouth pcm. The pcm, which stands for power control module, is the brains of the car. Sometimes known as an ecm or ecu, you'll have to replace this key computer in order for car to run properly. We offer Plymouth pcm at 50% Cheaper Price than going to your local Plymouth dealer or local auto-part store. We stand behind the quality of our work too; as a result, we offer a LIFETIME Warranty on our rebuilt pcm parts. If you are unable to locate your year and make, use our instant chat to the right or just call our TOLL FREE and 800 number today!
Solo PCMS is a national provider and repair center for PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM, and TCU auto computers.
14361 SW 120th Street Unit 106
Miami, FL, 33186, United States