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Dodge Nitro PCM

Have a Dodge Nitro that has recently stopped working, won't turn on, or stalls in the middle of driving? If you have these symptoms and or problem, there's a good chance that your pcm is burned out and needs to be replaced or reflashed.

Dodge Nitro ECM

Solo Automotive Electronics is USA's #1 rebuilder of used Dodge pcm auto computers. Our technicians are highly skilled and exprienced rebuilding pcm for Dodge cars, trucks, suvs, and or vans. In fact, Dodge power control modules are our speciality. We've seen to have more Dodge vehicles go down than any other and as a result we have a great supply and experience with this type of vehicle. We offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY on our power control modules too! So what are you waiting for? Order a replacement pcm today through us. Call our Toll Free Line today and or use our Instant Chat to have one our technicians locate a pcm for your!

Solo PCMS is a national provider and repair center for PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM, and TCU auto computers.
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