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Welcome to Solo Auto Electronics. If you need to have your powertrain control module car computer repaired, flashed or if you’re in the market for a replacement, you’ve come to the right place. We have been putting car owners back on the road with fully functional and enhanced-performing control modules for almost a decade. You can rely on us to provide prompt, professional service and top-quality products that come with some of the best prices on the market.

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Cars these days roll out with an increasing number of microprocessors, so you can’t always pinpoint where an issue is originating just by yourself. If your vehicle hasn’t been running at its best, it could be a problem with the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), the ECU (Engine Control Unit), or the TCM (Transmission Control Module). Our technicians have seen it all and we are here to find the best solution for you. We will advise you as to whether it will be better and more cost-effective to repair or to replace your control module.

Because we have a dedicated team of technicians, we can typically repair units within 24 to 48 hours. Just send us your PCM, TCM, ECU or ECM and our in-house techs will do a thorough diagnosis, calibrate and update codes, test and retest its functionality, and ensure that everything is as it should be before we send it back to you.

Unbeatable Prices on OEM Car Computers

We also carry an extensive range of OEM computers for major car brands, all of which come with our free lifetime warranty. Explore the site for more information on our auto computer repair services and the products we carry.

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