Replacing vs Repairing Engine Control Modules

If your car, say a Ford Explorer, suddenly stops working and you’ve exhausted all the more normal reasons a car no longer starts – it is possible that you have a faulty ECM (engine control module) or engine computer.

The engine control module is one of the important parts of your car. And, although the internal components that comprise the ECM are fairly robust, sometimes things go wrong.

Man pushing car that has stopped working on the side of the road in need of engine computer repair or replacement, PCMS.

Furthermore, when an engine computer fails, it may or may not trigger any form of alert. This can make troubleshooting difficult and can lead to a misdiagnosis of a non-functioning computer.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the check engine light recently coming on and remaining illuminated? This light can be triggered for a variety of reasons, and a failing engine computer is certainly one of those reasons.

If your car is currently experiencing poor performance, a drop in fuel efficiency, or the check engine light remaining illuminated, it could be due to a faulty engine computer.

If you suspect any of these symptoms, you should consider replacing or repairing the ECM.

The Difficulties of Engine Control Module Repairs

Generally, the process of swapping out a faulty engine computer for a new or refurbished unit is relatively simple. However, this is about as user-friendly as it gets when it comes to dealing with a failing engine computer.

That’s because actually repairing an engine computer requires specialized knowledge and specific tools that the typical mechanic might not possess.

Basically, repairing an engine computer is a different, and oftentimes much more complex, process than replacing one with a refurbished or new unit.

Replace Your ECM to Save Time & Stress

And furthermore, even though the end result might be the same – you’ll be able to get back on the road – engine computers aren’t really designed to be repaired, at least not by somebody with a limited knowledge of automotive mechanics (like the average car owner).

So, generally, the best bet to save time and stress with a failing engine computer is to replace it.

Auto mechanic inspecting engine computer to determine if PCMS needs to be repaired or replaced.

Where Do I Begin If I Want to Replace My Car’s Engine Computer?

The engine computer, or engine control module, serves as the brains of your car’s engine management system.

Consequently, this can be a very expensive part to replace. However, installing an ECM yourself is fairly easy which will certainly save you in terms of cost.

To start on the path towards replacing your engine computer, you first need to find the correct ECM that corresponds with your car’s engine.

Get Advice From Proven Auto Computer Experts

At Solo Auto Electronics, we reprogram all of our engine computers with the latest firmware and software updates from the manufacturer.

In addition, our technicians are highly trained and have the experience to ensure that your car is fitted with the best quality engine computer available to help manage your vehicle’s systems.

However, keep in mind that while you can adjust and replace your car’s engine computer in any car, you may have difficulty with replacing the complex computer systems featured in newer cars.

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If you are in the market for a reprogrammed or rebuilt auto computer, here at Solo PCMS, we re-manufacture auto computers for a wide range of popular makes and models, including the Ford Explorer.

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