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Benefits & Disadvantages of Flashing a Car Computer

PCM flashing is an effective and cost-efficient way to enhance the performance of a vehicle. This is a very attractive option for the car enthusiasts who are on a budget. Here are the benefits and disadvantages of choosing to flash your vehicle’s ECU/PCM.

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Benefits of Flashing a PCM

#1- More power

While Flashing a car computer or PCM will not transform a family sedan into a high-performance sports car, the increased power will certainly put a smile on the driver’s face. While some car owners crave more torque, there are others who desire a quicker throttle response. A professional tuner will be able to customize the ECU/PCM flash to meet the specific demands of the owner.

#2- Simplicity

Removing your vehicle’s car computer is a relatively simple task that only requires the use of a few basic hand tools. After the ECU/PCM has been removed, it can be shipped or hand-delivered to the car tuner of your choice. When the tuner has completed the flash, the driver can simply re-install the ECU/PCM and enjoy the vehicle’s enhanced performance.

#3- Improved fuel mileage

Believe or not, an ECU/PCM can actually be flashed to improve a car’s gas mileage. However, the vehicle will still need to be driven in an efficient manner. As you can see, ECU/PCM flashing offers several benefits. Let us now take a look at the potential disadvantages of auto computer flashing.

Disadvantages of Flashing a PCM

#1- May need to use premium fuel

In order to see any performance benefits from the flashing of a PCM, the car owner may need to start using premium fuel. Due to the fact that the ECM/PCM is no longer using the stock calibrations, the engine will be much more susceptible to detonation. As many drivers already know, denotation can gradually destroy an engine. Switching from regular gas to premium gas will surely help to prevent any problems.

#2- Increased wear and tear

Unfortunately, an aggressive ECU/PCM flash can contribute to the wear and tear of an engine. This means that you will need to replace some parts a lot sooner than expected.

#3- Voided warranty

In the event that your vehicle is still under warranty, be sure to contact the dealership before making any modifications. If the service center finds out that your ECU/PCM has been flashed, the automaker could void the warranty.

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