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Auto Computer Direct

You do not need to go through your car dealership to get an auto computer. You can get your ECU, PCM, or TCU auto computer direct from Solo Auto Electronics. That’s because this niche industry is our specialty and we concentrate on it wholeheartedly for the needs of our customers. If your vehicle is experience malfunctions related to a bad auto computer, you will need to replace it with a freshly flashed and reprogrammed device that is upgraded with the latest manufacturer firmware. This process is simple and relatively inexpensive. You can even install it yourself in most cases through an easy plug and play process. But don’t dare suggest that to your dealer. Not only do they charge up to 50% more than we do, they will probably suggest that it takes a painstaking amount of work, and extreme technical skill in order to install. For that reason, make sure to consider us when you need an auto computer directly shipped to you. We are honest, forthright, and take tremendous pride in our customer’s satisfaction. And through sheer determination, ambition, and goal oriented drive, we have made our name as leaders in the industry of automotive computer replacements.
Solo PCMS is a national provider and repair center for PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM, and TCU auto computers.
14361 SW 120th Street Unit 106
Miami, FL, 33186, United States