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The Role of The Jeep PCM In The Modern Jeep

Jeep PCM

Jeep PCM

In today’s Jeep, the PCM is a vital component of your vehicle’s DNA. The Jeep PCM handles a wide variety of responsibilities in order for it to run correctly. Some of the basic functions of a PCM are to regulate emission controls to make sure that the engine does not emit pollutants beyond specified parameters. The PCM also monitors and regulates fuel mixture to make sure the engine doesn’t ping or pre-detonate in the combustion cycle. Think of a Jeep PCM as a captain of a ship. It makes sure that every thing is up to speed and working, as it should.

Without a properly calibrated Jeep PCM your vehicle will not function properly. What causes an PCM to stop functioning properly? The reasons are multiple but some of the main culprits are of the following.

Time: The PCM, like other parts of your vehicle, will wear and tear over time. This is as inevitable as the sun going down at night.  All PCM’s have flash memory and over time this memory will deteriorate and start to cause problems such as inaccurate readings.

Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM

Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM

Broken Pins: These are the brain cells of the PCM, without these the PCM will not work. When buying a Jeep, customers typically don’t ask to look at the PCM to check its condition. The PCM could have been damaged from the factory or by a previous owner.

Jeep PCM corrosion

Jeep PCM corrosion

Corrosion: Moisture entering the PCM can cause it to stop working. Corrosion can enter through the wiring harness or failures in the PCM seal itself.

Jeep PCM Fail

Did a bad jump start cause this Jeep’s PCM to fail?

Improper Jumpstart: Jumpstarting your vehicle improperly will short out your PCM.
As you can see, your Jeep’s PCM plays a vital role in the health of the automobile.

If you suspect that your Jeep’s PCM, contact your go to Florida auto computer store. We save our customers an average of $800 when compared to Jeep dealership PCM solutions; and we are dedicated to helping you get vehicle back on the open road!

Solo PCMS is a national provider and repair center for PCM, ECM, ECU, TCM, and TCU auto computers.
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